Amazing Day in Hochfügen

After snowing all day on Friday the clouds cleared out during the night and the temperature went very cold.  Saturday dawned cold and crisp with not a cloud in the sky.  The pistes were perfect.  They had been groomed in the night and had a sprinkling of fresh snow on top.  Off piste was bumpy underneath with about 30cm of the lightest of fresh snow.  

 It stayed cold all day, so the snow stayed in good condition…  It was a bit nippy in the shade though.

And, bizarrely, it was really quiet.  Usually, if it snows towards the end of the week and the forecast is for good weather on Saturday, there is a procession of cars on the road up starting before 8am and continuing until 11am.  Lots of locals and people from the Munich direction.  Today, it wasn’t like that at all!