Big Mountain Hochfügen

Due to the distraction of two of the busiest weeks of the ski season, I completely managed to miss the opportunity of writing a Blog Post about the Big Mountain Hochfügen event.  Doh!
The week leading up to the event was great…  Lots and lots of new snow which was fabulous to ski, though when I talked to the guy in charge of the safety of the event he was a bit concerned that the weather might or might not do what was forecast.  To have to cancel the event because of too much snow would be a bit rubbish!
It was due to take place on Saturday 9th February, but they postponed it to the Sunday.  And what an awesome decision that was!  The Sunday was cold, clear, crisp with deep fresh, fluffy snow.
Sadly, I had to work so I couldn’t watch any of it (or take any pictures) but I found this video clip of the best runs.