Hiking not in Zillertal

We went hiking at the weekend.  Normally, when we’re choosing where to go, we look at areas that we have been skiing or at areas where we want to ski always with an eye open for ski touring possibilities or potential freeride routes.  With that in mind we usually explore places in Zillertal.  However, yesterday, for a change, we went to Rofan in Maurach.

It’s a very pretty area with a variety of activities – ranging from short walks, long hikes, klettersteig, rock climbing, paragliding and the curious Airrofan Skyglider.
It seems that the people are strapped into a harness in a frame, hauled to the top of Gschöllkopf and then let go.  A sophisticated zipwire, providing the feeling of flying without the complication of learning how to fly!
We chose to take the more strenuous option to the top of Gschöllkopf where we took, the obligatory, pictures of the view…

Looking towards Zillertal

We walked back down to Maurach via Dalfaz Alm and the Dalfazer Waterfall, on the way stopping to admire the view and marvel at how small the boats on Achensee look.