Sailing or Hiking – it’s a difficult decision!

Normally by now my summer hiking is well under way.  This year, though, I’ve only just started.  At first, I was delayed by lots of snow still lying around, but then I got distracted…  For the last month I’ve spent my spare time hanging out at die Segelschule on Achensee.  A new challenge, new skills, fresh air, great scenery – there are lots of reasons to keep going back.

However, today, due to the weather looking like this:

I decided it was time to walk up a mountain.  When it’s raining the weather can be stormy and squally or completely calm, neither are good conditions for sailing!
I went to have a look around in Hochfügen, not that I could see much.

Despite the gloomy weather some colours were incredibly vibrant.
And the moisture in the air showed clearly where the spiders had been busy!