Spieljoch update!

Last week we walked to the top of Rastkogel.  We tried a couple of summers ago and got chased away by thunderstorms but this time we made it.  Hurrah! 
From the summit we could see the back side of the Spieljoch ski area.  At a distance of 14kms it wasn’t so clear but it looked like there was a complete building at the top station of the new Panoramabahn Geols.  So, we decided it was time to go back for a closer look.
Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t co-operating on the day we went so we didn’t see much, but we could see that the top station isn’t quite finished yet!

The concrete pylon bases are there.
The clouds cleared briefly to show the work on the new piste.

We also had a look at the new play area at the top station of the Spieljochbahn.  It looks great and would be a fantastic place to take children on a hot day.  Unsurprisingly, it was deserted while we were there!

We’ll go back in a few weeks on a sunny day so that we can see really how far they have got!