Meeting the guys from DynAccess

It took some mental adjustment to meet the guys from DynAccess this morning.  We had arranged to meet in Innsbruck on the hottest Saturday of this summer so far – a long way, physically and mentally, from the snow.
However, it was great to learn about a new monoski that is on the market.  I guess it’s not so new in the United States, but it’s new in Europe.

I’m not an engineer so I’m not going to get technical and anyway you can read all about the technical specifications and details on their website.  
It looks like a great product – well engineered with a Penske shock absorber specifically designed for monoskis.  Why has no-one ever thought of that before?
Hopefully, at some point, we’ll have the opportunity to try it out on snow.  I’m definitely interested in hearing more from these guys and I wish them every success with their business.

And to finish, here’s a video of Chris Devlin-Young winning the gold medal in the Mono Skier X final at X Games Aspen 2015.  At the age of 53, the oldest monoskier to win, skiing a DynAccess monoski.