Progress at Spieljoch

Work on the Panoramabahn Geols is progressing…  Even today, Sunday, there were a couple of guys working in the top station.  All the pylons are in and the top station is looking more like a gondola station and less like an empty shell.  There’s lots of work being done on the ground with snowmaking bases and earth moving to create a red piste.  We visited GeolsAlm and decided that it’ll be compulsory to call in for a drink in winter. They must be pretty happy that the new piste will be going right past their door.

Looking over the Panoramabahn Geols top station towards Hochfügen
They’re also working on putting snowmaking into the piste next to the beginner button lift, Mösllift.

Looking forward to the snow arriving so that we can have a look around on skis 🙂