Fantastic snow in Hintertux

It was well worth the early start to get to Hintertux this morning.  Sunshine, blue skies and great snow 🙂

It is the opening weekend of the Telemark World Cup season so there were a lot of freeheelers around.  The race was interesting to watch as it included a jump, a 360 curve and a skating passage.  Some of the coaches were standing next to the skating passage and ran alongside their athletes encouraging them around the last uphill curve.  If there was a competition for the coaches, then the French guy should have won for his energetic running and shouting, he was far and away the most enthusiastic, and, possibly, fittest.

The snow off piste was interesting – soft, wind blown snow with almost a crust but not quite.  The best solution would probably have been some kind of freeride skis, something a little wider underfoot than our piste skis, however, even footed and a mind over matter mentality seemed to work quite well too…