Yay! Winter came back to Hochfügen!

It was 18C in the valley yesterday afternoon.  Everything was green and spring was most definitely just around the corner.  The weather forecast said snow would come overnight, but it was hard to believe it…

Too busy skiing – no time for a better photos!
It rained all night at 560m which obviously fell as snow in the ski area…  and then it snowed all day 🙂 and it was still snowing when we left!
Bizarrely, the best place for fresh tracks by the end of the day was on piste.  All the “freeriders” were busy making tracks off piste.  The visibility wasn’t great so they were all skiing in the same places near the trees which left untracked knee deep fresh snow down the sides of the piste.  Perfect!
I was interested to notice that last year on the 20th March I wrote a Blog post saying winter had come back and on the 2nd April saying the temperature was minus 8 and here we are again – everyone said the season is over, but, I don’t think it is…  Not yet!